“We would now like to have Chintan Vaishnav on stage,” Entrepreneur Mr. Dhaval Nanavati said enthusiastically. 

Have you ever known what is your purpose in the society? Have you ever wanted to know what are the steps making your life easier? Have you ever wondered how other communities around the world live? Or even, were you looking for your children to be exposed to hands on STEM projects? 

On December 10, 2016, LexDesis, a non-profit community organization in Lexington, hosted a Socio Cultural Impact Seminar at Lexington Recreation Center. Mr. Vaishnav is a Senior Faculty at MIT, who presented a presentation on socio economics for people of any age. He provided the audience with new views and norms on the society that we all live in. It was a talk on graduate research and teaching program for producing solutions for severely resource constrained communities. In 2012, MIT engaged with the Tata Trusts to create a graduate research and teaching program for producing solutions for severely resource constrained communities. This talk shared lessons for students and skilled professionals from this journey. “This talk gave me a new perspective to the society I live in. ” says testimonial Jegan Candassamy. LexDesis also provided an opportunity to others. 

Have you ever wondered, what is community? Have you wondered what you can do for your community? 

Subsequent to Mr. Vaishnav’s presentation, Mr. Girish Mehta gave a superlative speech about his community organization. Mr. Girish A. Mehta is the President of Indian Circles of Caring (ICC), a non-profit community organization. Mr. Mehta covered some examples of how they supported individuals emotionally and physically. They provide to every patient, not only with presence support, but even transporting individuals to their respective priorities. They also provide a network in which senior citizens have the ability to interact. They conduct a free health proxy camp for the community. 

Not only did LexDesis provide a socio impact talk for adults, but they also provided STEM workshops for elementary students. Kunal Botla organized an event in which the Elementary students had the opportunity to get exposed to the different fields of Science, Math, Engineering and Technology, at such young ages. Students say, “It was fun. I liked how we were able to play with the cat.” These students were exposed to the application Scratch. Parent volunteers had lended their time to nurture these youngsters. “It was a successful event, and I think that we all got something out of it today,” says Vivek Gupta of LexDesi.

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LexDesis Social Cultural Impact Workshop

DECEMBER 10, 2016